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mavi veloso
yang dallas

Núcleo do Dirceu / 1000 Casas

performed for vídeo

obrigado especial
Jell Carone, Caio César, Ana Dupas, Andrez Gizze pelas trocas, compartilhamentos.


min 45:03

desviado_depoimento desviado

I don't know what to do. I'm considered a deviation. Last Tuesday, February 7th 2012, Marcus Vinícius, sitting beside Márcio Vinicius, after a few minutes in a conversation intitled "research", in an establishment INCASA located on Amalia de Noronha street, in a room full of lookouts (security camera, high-power microphone installed in the center of the ceiling, a scrivener sitting on the corner of the room with her lcd-monitor desktop computer, and a huge mirror occupying half the wall right in front me), after a few minutes in this conversation with around 10 people guided by a woman who directed very well by the way the issues of the "research", answering the first question - eat or not to eat outside, that is the question? - I was invited to leave the room, argument: to be destabilizing the group. From the doorway there she was, blonde, telling me "Marcus Vinícus!? Could you please come here for a moment? Telephone for you"...


"You say you do not like fast food, mc donalds and so on, you may influence and disrupt the group and we're seeking a homogeneity...
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